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Football Eduation Programme, AFC Wimbledon & Southfields Academy


Wandsworth's Southfields Academy International Group helps Child Refugees

Child refugees: One school’s international solution for new arrivals
While schools and councils across the country deal with the challenge of mid-term arrivals, officials in the London borough of Wandsworth can call upon the expertise of one institution thanks to a scheme set up a decade ago.
At Southfields Academy, an “international group” takes responsibility for all child refugees who arrive in the south London borough. All the 22 children from the Calais camp allocated to the area will go to Southfields, which specializes in teaching foreign pupils.
"We don’t call them refugees. We don’t call them ‘[Calais] Jungle children’. They are the international group in our school"
The group was set up to allow the school to easily accept additional pupils at critical points in their education, regardless of when in the school year they arrive. This solves the problems faced by other schools when, for example, year 11 children arrive shortly before their GCSEs.
“It’s a bit different fo…

Students Open A-Level Results at Southfields Academy

Students open A-level results at Southfields Academy in London.

Students at Southfields Academy, London, find out whether they have achieved the grades they need to go to the university of their choice on Thursday morning. The number of A* and A grades fell this year, but the number of students passing rose slightly.